Grillin and Pizza Chillin

With summer months upon us it is a great time to fire up your grill for some summer barbecues. A great alternative to hamburgers and hot dogs is grilled pizza! Every week I get together with one of my dear friends and cook a delicious homemade meal. This week we decided to make grilled margherita pizzas. Wow did they turn out delicious! I have always loved margherita pizzas and how simple and delicious they are!IMG_1306

Pizza is a food that is loved by just about everyone. Not to mention that pizza is pretty affordable to make. I am a loyal Trader Joe’s shopper so most of the ingredients in the photos below are from Trader Joe’s. I love the garlic and herb dough that they sell and I highly recommend! I promise you won’t be disappointed! As a side to the pizza we grilled some zucchini which complemented the pizza nicely.

First, we prepped our ingredients. Second, we fired up the grill to 400° F. We made sure to clean it well so that no old food would stick to the pizza dough (yuck!). We lightly coated the grill with some oil and then placed the raw dough on the grill and cooked for approximately 5 minutes a side, or until the char marks were a warm brown color. Make sure to close the grill while the pizza is cooking. Once they looked good we pulled them off the grill and placed the mozzarella, and tomatoes on top. We placed the pizzas back on the grill until the cheese was melted. Lastly, we added the fresh chopped basil on top. For some extra flavor you can drizzle some olive oil or vinaigrette on top!

Be sure to share your grilled pizzas with me in the comments section above!

Happy cooking,



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