Porterhouse Steaks

IMG_1472Men tend to love meat, so for Father’s Day we set out to find my dad the biggest piece of meat out there! We ended up buying 2 porterhouse steaks for my dad and brother. The rest of the family opted for filet mignon. For the porterhouse steaks we lightly seasoned them with a dry rub. For the filets we lightly seasoned with sea salt and slightly crushed peppercorns.

This meal was cooked on Father’s Day so I let my brother man the grill. He has become quite the grillmaster over the last couple of years! He preheated the grill to about 400°F and cooked them until the internal temperature reached between 130-135°F. We first seared the steaks in direct heat for about 2 minutes on each side and then moved them to indirect heat for about 4 minutes on each side. We tend to cook our steaks medium rare where the inside is a nice pink with a hint of red. For great tips on how to cook a porterhouse steak check out The Meat Source website here. Also, don’t forget to let you meat rest for about 10 minutes after it is taken off of the grill. This helps for the meat to be more flavorful, and juicy.


For our sides, my dad requested sauteed spinach, and corn. The spinach was sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and two cloves of garlic. If you would like to make the spinach a little sweeter I suggest sprinkling a little bit of brown sugar on top (It’s delish!). The corn was cooked in about an inch of water with a few pinches of salt. We also put together a side salad with everything but the kitchen sink. It is a great way to get rid of leftover veggies!

For our beverage, we chose a Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabs tend to have a very bold and deep flavor so it matched perfectly with the steaks. Wine tends to cleanse your palette so I suggest taking a sip between every couple bites of steak to bring out all of the flavors of this dish. To better understand why red wine pairs well with dark meat check out this site here.

Share your favorite porterhouse or filet mignon recipes with me in the comments section above!

Happy Cooking,



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