The Chef’s Table

Birthdays are a blessing! Not only does it mean you survived another year, it also means that you get to go out to eat at great restaurants! To celebrate my brothers birthday we decided to go out to eat at our family’s favorite restaurant, The Chef’s Table. It is located in Rocklin, California and they have food that is to die for! If you are ever in the Sacramento area, it is a must try! Be sure to book about a week and a half out because they are a very small restaurant that is very busy.

As a starteIMG_1449r I had a strawberry and baby spinach salad. It was loaded with pluots (a hybrid of plum and apricot), spiced almond slivers, goat cheese, with a strawberry balsamic vinaigrette. To say it was delicious would be an understatement. I have never heard of or had a pluot before and found it quite satisfying. It is slightly crunchy which I liked. It also paired very well with the balsamic in the vinaigrette. They are available at your local grocery store or farmers market. I highly recommend! This salad was very light and refreshing and the strawberry vinaigrette complemented the salad nicely.

IMG_1454For my entree I chose the brie burger. This was the BEST burger I have EVER had! It is made with sun fed ranch all natural beef, double creme brie, applewood smoked bacon- fig jam, arugula, and a whole grain mustard aioli. The picture surely does not do it justice of just how good it was. I ordered the burger medium, and it was cooked to perfection. The applewood smoked bacon – fig jam was smoky yet sweet. The brie was the real cherry on top. I am normally not a huge cheese eater but the double creme brie in this burger was phenomenal. The menu at The Chef’s Table changes frequently so if you see this on the menu, I highly recommend ordering. The burger doesn’t come with fries, but it honestly doesn’t need it. The fries would’ve taken away from the unique flavor combination.

IMG_1458As a dessert we all shared a krispy kreme bread pudding with a fresh strawberry puree. It was topped with homemade whipped cream that was divine. You could taste the donut along with the strawberry puree so it was not overly sweet. They also have a bacon brownie that they offer all the time that is very good as well. They use bacon grease instead of regular oil and it gives the brownie a slight smoky flavor. If you interested in making your own bacon brownie, check out this great recipe here. If you happen to visit The Chef’s Table, make sure NOT to skip dessert!

Share your favorite restaurants with me in the comments section above!

Happy eating,



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