Sriracha Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a traditional dish that has been around for a very long time. It is a great appetizer to bring to a party or a side dish for a barbecue. There are many different ways to make deviled eggs, so I decided I wanted to try something a little out of the ordinary. When scrolling through pinterest one day I found this sriracha deviled egg recipe. I thought it would be a fun recipe to try since sriracha seems to be all the rage these days.

IMG_1520I have never quite mastered the art of hard-boiling eggs. I followed this recipe exactly and I nailed the boiled egg. I put the eggs in a pot and covered them with cold water, brought the water to a boil, removed the pot from heat and let it sit for 14 minutes and then placed the eggs in a bowl of ice cold water for about 5 minutes. I found that my eggs were easy to peel and they were perfectly cooked on the inside. I will definitely be using this method from now on when hard-boiling eggs.

After whipping together my fillings for the eggs I had used a cupcake decorator to fill the eggs. I found this device at Cost Plus World Market for $5.99. I felt it was worth the money since it is really an item you only need to purchase once in a lifetime. This device comes with many different tips so it is really your own preference as to which tip you want to use. I happened to use the star tip.

As for the taste of the deviled eggs, I thought that they were overall very unique. I am so used to regular deviled eggs so I was slightly biased. The next time I make these, I think I will use less curry powder since the taste was a little bit too smoky for me. I would also use a little bit more sriracha as I felt they didn’t have enough kick to them. The garnishes on the top happen to be bacon and chives, and the flavor of both complimented the eggs nicely.

Shared your favorite deviled egg recipe with me in the comments section above!

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2 thoughts on “Sriracha Deviled Eggs

  1. Dana D you are definitely inspiring and showing some amazing talent as a foody editor! Terry loves deviled eggs and I can’t wait to make this recipe for him. Keep inspiring us girl!!!


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