Stags’ Leap Winery

IMG_1586This past weekend we made a trip down to Napa Valley to celebrate my brother’s birthday. He has never been to Napa so it was the perfect time to go. I have been lucky enough to go a couple of times, and happen to enjoy visiting Napa. My brother is a fan of Stags’ Leap so we decided to book a tour and tasting.

Driving to the winery was one of my favorite parts of the day. It is located off a private road in the hillside so it is very quiet, and absolutely beautiful. The road in is lined with trees, it feels as if you are going down Magnolia Lane at Augusta National. It’s located off of the Silverado Trail in which there are some very good wineries such as Conn Creek, Silver Oak, and Silverado.

IMG_1589Upon arrival to the winery we were given a glass of chilled chardonnay. Our tour was at 10 a.m. so it was a little early to start drinking wine, but I don’t think it phased any of us. The tour lasted about an hour and a half and there were about 14 people on the tour so it was very personal and intimate. With such a small group it felt as if the winery truly cared about every single person there as if they were family.

The tour was very fun and interesting! The Stags’ Leap Manor House on the property was present through the prohibition and had a speakeasy room that we were aloud to tour (It was a male’s dream mancave!). There were also several cottages on the property that are now for artists to stay in and produce artwork that is hung on the property.

One of the most interesting facts that I learned about this particular winery is that there is a Stags’ Leap and a Stag’s Leap. The difference is in the apostrophe. The one with the apostrophe to the right of the s means that the wine comes from the winery and the one with the apostrophe to the left of the s means that the wine comes from the wine cellar. The color of the label is also significant. The black labels are estate produced wine and the white labels are the wine in which the grapes are sourced.

IMG_1609Overall, this tour and tasting was top notch. This was my first winery tour as I usually only taste and I found that the tour was very fulfilling. I learned so much about the history of the property and its recent and past owners that it was intriguing. When you are told about the history of such an old Manor House and property it truly gives you a deeper appreciation for the winery. If you are ever in the Napa Valley area, this is a must try!

Tip: If you have a long day of tasting ahead of you, be sure to try wine wipes to keep your teeth white and refreshed! They can be found at Cost Plus World Market, online, or select wineries.

Share your favorite winery and tasting tips with me in the comments section above!

Happy sipping,



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