Gott’s Roadside

IMG_1618When visiting Napa, Gott’s Roadside is a must try! They have some of the best burgers that I have ever tried. This is a burger joint, but not your normal burger joint. I have had this a couple of times now and it seems to get better everytime.

I have gotten the ahi burger 2 out of the 3 times that I have been and it is phenomenal! It is sushi grade ahi with ginger wasabi mayo, asian slaw, and cilantro. It is not as heavy as a regular burger which I enjoy. I also like that the ginger wasabi mayo adds a slight kick to the burger. The burger is a close second to the one in my recent post about The Chef’s Table.

IMG_1627This restaurant in particular has a very fun atmosphere. Everything is outdoors, including the bar, and seating. Don’t be surprised when you drive up to see a long line of people. The one you can see in the picture took about 20 minutes to order. Don’t let discourage you because they have great food!

Another fun place to eat would be the Oxbow Public Market in downtown Napa. This is a fun place to walk around, and get a bite to eat. It reminds me a lot of whole foods for some reason, but it is a bunch of little markets shoved under one roof. My family and I ate at Ca’ Momi. We had gotten their pizza and spatzle allo speck. The pizzas were very good, but the spatzle stole the show. Spatzle is a traditional dish that can be found in Germany which is basically homemade dumplings. The spatzle allo speck that we had tasted like glorified mac and cheese. It was definitely a comfort food, that my family and I recommend!

Share your favorite Napa restaurants with me in the comments section above!

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One thought on “Gott’s Roadside

  1. I really liked this post and the Ahi Burger sounds delicious. I have recently have grown a huge liking for Ahi and have been trying tons of different preparations of it. If you ever catch yourself in Las Vegas go to SkinnyFats and order the Ahi Srirachi tacos! Surprisingly I have not tried a ahi burger yet, but I have by dying to. Hopefully next time I go wine tasting with my boyfriend’s it will be in Napa, that way I can suggest Gott’s Roadside.


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